Tracy's Transformation
August 08, 2018

Tracy was found locked in a boxcar train at the Mexico-US border. She was suffering in pain from a horrible infection and starving to death. No one knows how she got there or how long she was left without food or water.

Border agents found her and knew she wouldn't survive going to a shelter because she was so sick and weak. They reached out to a local rescuer and SNARR was contacted to take Tracy in. She was rushed to the vet only to discover that her infection is actually a sexually transmitted disease that was left untreated, and had turned into cancer. The doctor said this is the worst case she had ever seen. Tracy's vaginal area literally had holes that had eaten away at the skin and she was urinating out of them. Despite her horrendous condition, Tracy was still as sweet as can be.

Tracy received multiple Chemo treatments; her will to heal has remained strong and the love she has received from her foster family and supporters has helped her thrive. Tracy had her ups and downs; she struggled to feel well during her Chemo process, but at the same time, she was learning how to enjoy being a happy dog. She has been showered with love this entire time from her foster family. Not only has she gained a healthy weight, she has beat cancer and is now living the dream; Cancer free. 

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