August 15, 2018

Bobo was found on the brink of death in terrible condition. He had no owner at the time, but the nice couple who was feeding him knew something was wrong but had no money to hep him. When one of Headrock's volunteers saw Bobo, she knew they had to help. They had their vet examine Bobo and he unfortunately had TVT (a sexually transmitted cancerous virus that is deadly), was covered in ticks, had a nasty swelling above his eyes, and was riddled with worms and blood parasites. Not only had TVT on his penis, but also has it in his head, as well so this made it extremely difficult to treat. He was severely sick and the vets were unsure if he would be strong enough for chemo injections. But, Headrock Dogs Rescue was not going to give up on him. That is when they reached out to CUDDLY and asked for help with donations. The chemo injections were extremely expensive and without donations, the rescue could not afford to treat Bobo.

The rescue was grateful for any donations at all but when Bobo's fundraiser raised over $2,000, they couldn't believe it. When Bobo was stabilized and strong enough, he began getting several rounds of chemotherapy. Over a course of a few months, Bobo received multiple rounds and continued to improve. We are happy to announce that Bobo's successful fundraiser pulled off because he is COMPLETELY CURED. The nasty tumor over his eyes had disappeared, his sight is back to normal and the tumor on his penis is gone. Here at CUDDLY, we are so happy that we could be a part of Bobo's recovery and can't wait to watch him continue to thrive.

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