From Thailand to NYC: Toby's Rescue Adventure

August 30, 2018

Three small poodles were confiscated from a home near Dog Rescue Thailand's shelter due to severe neglect. They were emaciated, with fleas and ticks covering their entire bodies. All of the three were very sick, extremely malnourished, and needed a lot of supportive care to regain their strength. To make matters worse, they were tied up and constantly being attacked by other dogs. They had no way to defend themselves; the smallest pup, Toby, ended up getting severely injured with several puncture wounds all over his body.

Despite what he had been through, Toby was a loving puppy that just wanted to be loved in return. He had a long road to recovery, due to the extent of his blood parasites and gaping wounds, but Dog Rescue Thailand was not going to give up on him. It took some time, but with CUDDLY's help, they were able to raise the money they desperately needed towards Toby's care. They were able to get much needed supplements purchased via his wishlist, as well, to ensure optimal health.

We are now very happy to announce that Toby is living the ultimate life in New York City! He was recently adopted by a wonderful family that takes him everywhere with them. From hikes to simple errands, Toby is always with his new mom and constantly being loved. Happy tails, Toby! We, at CUDDLY, are grateful to be a part of your journey.

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