Sushi -- A Sweet Senior's Survival
September 17, 2018

Sushi is a senior who was dumped in a parking lot after being brutally beaten and abused. He was saved by two kind construction men who saw him thrown out of a vehicle. They rushed Sushi to the local shelter, hoping to save his life.

The shelters vet insisted that Sushi be euthanized right away, but that is when Dallas Dog RRR jumped in to rescue him. A lot of people doubted Sushi, assuming that no one would adopt a senior in his condition, that there would be no quality of life for him. Boy were they all wrong!

Sushi was treated like royalty in his foster home and was thriving after he had his eyes removed. As he regained his strength, he learned that there was plenty of love to be had. In fact, Sushi's foster family loved him so much, they just couldn't let him go. Now Sushi has a forever family of his own where he will finally receive his happily ever after. Thank you to the CUDDLY community who helped make Sushi a success!

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