Abusive Past to a Forever Future
October 10, 2018

This sweet puppy was recently found getting abused by a group of children. 

Mutt Scouts got an urgent call for help-  a stray puppy was trying to get into a church when it ran into a group of young children. Unfortunately, these children started kicking and hitting the innocent puppy and it could not get away. Thankfully, a nice woman witnessed what was happening and intervened immediately. She swooped up the puppy and took him to safety. When she realized how bad of condition he was in, she reached out for help and Mutt Scouts gladly took this baby into our care. 

They named him Walter, and he had a long road of recovery ahead of him. Not only was he severely malnourished, but he had significant skin issues. He was very sick and was hospitalized with IV fluids for an extended period of time. Despite everything he had been through, Walter was still wagging his skinny little tail and was so thankful to have been rescued. Mutt Scouts reached out to us to help with raising donations for this tiny guy. We happily set up a campaign for Walter and started marketing his story. Not only did Walter exceed his goal, but he got hundreds of dollars worth of wishlist items donated so he could have a warm bed, blankets, and toys when he got home. 

Once Walter was completely healed, he was up for adoption (but didn't last long). He was swooped up by an amazing couple that are obsessed with him and will show him what true love is for the rest of his life. Happy tails, little Walter! We are so happy to have been part of your amazing journey.

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