From Trash To Treasure
October 25, 2018

Ningi and her littermate were found in a dumpster bin when they were only a few hours old and still had their umbilical stems attached. A good samaritan found them and dug through the trash to bring them to safety. Unfortunately, Ningi's sibling did not make it so the finder immediately put out a plea, and as soon as Dallas Dog RRR saw it, they sprang into action. They rushed her to the vet where Ningi received fluids and round the clock care to stabilize her. Dallas Dog RRR even set her up with a nursing momma and did everything in their power to help this little baby survive. 

They set up a CUDDLY fundraiser to help them with her on-going medical expenses and much needed puppy wishlist items. With such a tiny baby, puppy formula was very important and they were able to get multiple orders of puppy food as well as blankets, heating pads, etc to help little Ningi thrive! 

When Ningi was old enough, she was put up for adoption but that didn't last long. Her family drove 10 hours to visit and hopefully adopt Ningi. They were absolutely perfect for her and brought her home as soon as they could to join their family of three other Bassett siblings. Ningi truly went from trash to treasure and we couldn't be happier for her!

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