October 25, 2018

Poor Zelda and her eleven puppies were dumped on the side of the road, leaving Zelda to fend for herself and her babies all alone.

Zelda and her babies all had parasite infestations. They were starving, riddled with mange, and had skin and eye infections. it took countless thousands to heal these Zelda and her babies but thanks to CUDDLY and all the wonderful donors who contributed to their campaign as well as bought them items from their wishlist we were able to heal them. Zelda and all her pups have now found their fur-ever homes. We still have to cover their medical bills but we are just $440 away from them being able to live their new happy lives debt free.

To help them leave their hurt past behind them please donate to clear their debt. That way we here at Great Babies Rescue can continue to create happy endings just like this one.

Fundraising Consultant: Marquis Blacksher

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