Deserted Puppies Get a Second Chance
November 07, 2018

Thirteen Shepherd puppies were found alone in the desert in terrible condition. Mutt Hut Rescue was able to rescue all of the puppies and place them with fosters. Upon rescue, all of the puppies showed symptoms of mange. The first vet ran skin scrapes and conducted fungal and ringworm testing. All results came back negative. Therefore, they were prescribed mange medication, medicated shampoos, wipes, and creams for all 13 puppies; they also tried allergy shots and steroid shots. However, the puppies' symptoms seemed to worsen. At a loss, the rescue sought a second opinion. The diagnosis and treatments were the same. A few weeks passed and their symptoms worsened once again. Ultimately, Mutt Hut Rescue sought the advice of SIX different veterinarians, one even being a vet dermatologist specialist. All were baffled as to what could be the cause of such severe itching, burning, flaking, redness and inflammation.

Mutt Hut needed help with these increasing costs so they reached out to CUDDLY for assistance. Through their CUDDLY campaign, Mutt Hut was able to raise hundreds of dollars to help with the puppies' medical bills, as well as multiple medicated shampoos, special food, and topical skin medications to help these babies recover. There was no confirmed cause, but with love and care, over the next few weeks, the puppies started to improve one by one. It was a very slow process but they could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Once their skin was healed enough, they were put up for adoption and we are HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE that ALL 13 puppies have officially found their fur-ever home! 

We are so thankful that Mutt Hut Rescue reached out to us and that we were able to assist with these pups' recovery. Thank you to the CUDDLY community -- you made all the difference!

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