November 13, 2018

Scooby was hit by a car, leaving his back legs useless. His legs dragged behind him, causing him unimaginable pain with every movement.

After being hit by a car, it was clear that Scooby was hurt and in pain, yet his past owners did nothing for this poor angel. Instead, they allowed him to drag his legs in pain for an unknown amount of time. A kind neighbor convinced the owner to give him up, so she could get him to the vet.

Specialists have confirmed that Scooby has feeling in his legs, but he has a broken spine. However, they believed that with love and the right medical treatment, Scooby would be able to walk on his own again. Scooby was given pain meds and anti-inflammatory pills to get the swelling down. It was such a long winding road to recovery for Scooby, but even after all he's been through, this sweet boy is loving and strong he deserved so much better and with the help of all the wonderful donors and CUDDLY we gave it to him. 

Scooby not only is walking but has found his fur-ever home with a huge yard for him to run around and a loving mommy. Thank you to everyone who donated to his campaign and made his second chance possible by helping us raise over his goal amount and sending him wonderful wishlist items.


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