December 18, 2018

Animal Alliance Rescue Foundation of San Bernardino found poor pup Maddie on the streets of Corona in desperate need of help. Maddie's gums were completely white, she showed labored breathing, and she was covered in ticks and fleas. Her rescuers rushed her to the vet immediately. Due to her condition, Maddie needed to remain in the hospital for 24 hours.

During her stay, she received a blood transfusion, skin scraping, lung x-rays, oxygen, and antibiotics for any tick borne diseases. All the ticks and fleas needed to be removed by vet technicians. Maddie was monitored throughout the day to make sure her body didn't reject her transfusion. When her test results returned, her blood test showed an extremely high white blood cell count, which means an infection. In addition, her fecal test came back positive for giardia which is causing diarrhea for this tiny girl. On top of these findings, her little legs and paws are badly sunburnt.

Maddie has a long road to recovery and many more vet visits to get her healthy again. That is when Animal Alliance Rescue Foundation, San Bernardino reached out to CUDDLY for help with her medical bills. CUDDLY was so compelled by Maddie's story and ended up selected her as our Weekly Wish. As the Weekly Wish, CUDDLY was able to help raise over $2,500 in monetary donations (surpassing her goal), as well as hundreds of dollars worth of crucial wishlist items like supplements, blankets, potty pads, and beds. Fast forward to just last week and we are SO happy to announce that Maddie was adopted! She now has a wonderful family and cute fur-sibling to play with all day long. Never again will she be neglected and we wish her the happiest life possible. She deserves it!

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