January 28, 2019

When Queen was found, she had recently gave birth to six puppies and was enjoying her new role as a mother. Unfortunately, not long after, her owner got into a domestic dispute. The owner's girlfriend extensively injured some of the puppies by hitting, kicking, and slamming the dogs onto the ground. Three of Queen's babies were killed immediately and two more of her puppies had to be euthanized afterwards due to seizures and skull damage inflicted upon them.

Queen was unable to mourn her babies because she was fighting for her own life, as well as the life of her last remaining baby. Now taken away, she and her baby were in line to be euthanized; luckily, Animal House Shelter came to rescue them. Queen and her pup were transported, fostered, and cared for, all of which were extra costs for a non-profit, no-kill, privately funded animal shelter. Animal House Shelter relies entirely on donations from the public to continue saving the lives of animals. That's when her rescue reached out to CUDDLY for help.

Queen had seen enough tragedy to last her a lifetime, but thanks to all the wonderful people who donated to her campaign, she not only received tons of items to keep her and her baby comfortable, but also raised over $3,500. Though the rescue would love to raise the remainder of her goal, Queen has since healed and found her forever home with her new dad. Because he wanted to keep Queen's family together, he also adopted her sweet pup. We are so happy that Queen doesn't have to part with yet another of her pups. Thank you to the CUDDLY family for supporting this journey. Happy Tails to this sweet family!

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