Extensive Medical Journey Has a Happy Ending
February 07, 2019

At only two years old and four pounds, little Anna Belle ended up at Palmdale Animal Shelter completely terrified and on the verge of shutting down. The shelter noted that she had a hernia and was in need of rescue. 

Once Fido Freedom pulled her from the shelter, they took her immediately to the vet. When the doctors took a further look at her condition, they realized that her hernia was much more extensive. The doctor believed that her hernia was a result of a strong force on her diaphragm and someone most likely kicked her extremely hard to cause this. Because of this, the hernia repair surgery would not only be more complicated than originally thought, but much more expensive as well.

Fido Freedom reached out to CUDDLY for help with Anna Belle's extensive medical journey. They started a campaign for her and Anna Belle was chosen as one of CUDDLY's top pets of the week. This helped her campaign reach more people and bring in more donations. After a few weeks, Anna Belle's campaign was able to raise about $2,000 and she received countless recovery gifts off her wishlist! Once Anna Belle got her surgery, she had a long road to recovery. She stayed with her rescuer for a couple more months... until the perfect family came along. Anna Belle was not only adopted by a lovely woman, but she now has fur sibling to play with all day. We couldn't be happier for this little girl. She has come so far and deserves the world!

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