Paralyzed Puppy Finds Forever With His Brother
March 06, 2019

Rong was dumped in a bush, along with his brother, on the side of a busy road. This poor baby was mauled by an adult dog and suffered severe spinal trauma.

Little Rong was paralyzed in his lower back, but thankfully still had some feeling when he was pinched. His rescue quickly started a CUDDLY campaign for him and supporters started rallying behind this little guy. Rong was able to raise much needed funds for his therapy as well as crucial supplements and good quality food off his wishlist to help him grow up strong. He started responding well to physiotherapy and his back legs were getting stronger day by day. He slowly began picking himself up and walking on his own. As days went on, the stronger he became and he eventually made a speedy recovery. His rescue was shocked at how quickly he got better and was acting like a normal playful puppy. 

Fast forward to day and we are happy to announce that not only did Rong find his forever home, but he was adopted with his brother! His new owners aren't at all concerned that Rong's back legs are bit wobbly. He actually settled down more quickly than his brother and took great interest in his new owners' rabbits! It seems like only yesterday that tiny Rong was paralyzed and crying in pain. He worked so hard to walk again and we worked hard to help him. Now he has a beautiful house with his brother and loving owners. Outcomes like this makes all our work worthwhile!

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