Librado's Long Road To Forever
April 01, 2019

A report was made to social media in Western Puerto Rico that a horse had been hit by a car. Thankfully Defensa's Equine Emergency Manager Che was immediately available to attend to this horse when the report came into Defensa. Che was able to administer pain meds, antibiotics, a tetanus shot and topical medicine to address what is mostly a facial wound/injury. Thanks to the Good Samaritans who reported and cared for Librado prior to help arriving! Librado has was then transported to a safe spot he could continue to receive care and time to heal. Poor Librado was only two years old and had a full life ahead of him and that is exactly what Defensa wanted to provide. They started a CUDDLY campaign for this sweet boy and were able to raise hundreds of dollars towards his care. Over a year later we are happy to announce that Librado has his amazing family. Now Librado has everything he needs and a long happy life ahead of him!

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