Stone Puppy Gets A Chance At Forever
April 30, 2019

Animal Control found Randy in terrible condition on a local reservation in New Mexico. He was about 50 lbs and was first thought to be an older dog since his entire body was covered in mange. He had clearly been suffering for a very long time. The volunteer from the shelter called Mutt Scouts to see if they might be willing to step in and help. After hearing about Randy's condition, Mutt Scouts could not say no. They started their long travel from Pasadena, CA to New Mexico to rescue this poor boy. Mutt Scouts knew that they would need help with his medical costs so they reached out to CUDDLY for help. 

CUDDLY and Mutt Scouts worked together and created a campaign for Randy and donations started flowing in. Randy's pictures and story tugged on so many heart strings that his campaign was extremely successful with not only cash donations, but much needed wishlist items like fish oil supplements, blankets, and high quality food to help Randy in recovery. Fast forward to today and Randy is in a wonderful home with a loving family that will never let him suffer again. In fact, he just got a puppy brother from Mutt Scouts named Tater Tot to run and play with. We are so thankful we could be a part of Randy's journey and we are so grateful to the Mutt Scouts team for all their hard work.

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