Rescue Horse Finds Loving Home
May 08, 2019

Tony Montana was rescued from a Banana Plantation in Puerto Rico where he and some other abandoned and unwanted horses were at risk of being hurt or killed. Defensa's horse rescuing team was told by the local community that one of the horses on this land had been killed secretly because the Plantation is loosing 10s of thousands of dollars by the horses eating their crops.

Defensa jumped into action to rescue Tony Montana and brought him to safety. He was skinny and needed high quality feed to get to a normal wait. Defensa started a CUDDLY campaign for this cutie and raised the donations to provide him with the best care. Fast forward to today and Tony Montana has been adopted! He will be cared for in the hills of Puerto Rico in a community of horse lovers and animal rescuers. 

His adopters are now our partners in Tony Montana's life and we will work together to make sure he is always safe!

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