Reggie Stuart
June 05, 2019

Poor Reggie Stuart was diagnosed with a grade 4 heart murmur at 8 weeks of age. Without a timely surgery, he would go into cardiac arrest and pass away within a month or two, so time was of the essence! Little Reggie's life started out rough. He was born on the floor of a shelter. He was one of six puppies and they all seemed well until 9 weeks of age. But then, two of his sisters came down with liver shunts and passed away. Then, Reggie was fighting for his life as well. The cardiologist determined that his valve did not close after he was born. Blood was being pumped from the left side directly to the right side without going through the lungs to get oxygen. Collar of Hope knew that this would be an extensive AND expensive surgery so they reached out to CUDDLY to help. Together, Collar of Hope and CUDDLY worked diligently to bring exposure to Reggie's story. Over the course of a couple weeks, our amazing donors were so generous and helped Reggie reach his goal of $4,500. Not only did they donate funds, but so many crucial wishlist products that he would need during recovery were donated as well. 

Finally, Reggie was able to get his surgery and everything went great. He spent his recovery with his amazing foster mama who had been looking after his from the very beginning. Turns out she was not able to let him go and decided he would stay with her forever. Reggie has found his home with an amazing mama and we couldn't be happier for him. Thank you to all of our amazing donors who made this possible. As you know, none of this is possible without your help. Happy tails, Reggie!

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