June 19, 2019

We received a distressing call about a dog that was found on the side of the road tied in a plastic bag. A passerby saw the bag moving and discovered there was a dog trapped inside. When they opened the bag, hundreds of flies escaped; a symbolic tornado of sorrow that this boy has endured. When Percible was freed from the bag, he was unable to walk; he was panting heavily, covered with maggots, feces, urine, and insects. This was one of the worst cases of abuse and neglect we had ever witnessed. Percible's case has been upgraded to a cruelty investigation.

It's safe to say Percible aka,  Percipoo is smitten with his incredible new mom. When Percy wins, so does the world.

He deserved the universe and more and he has it all now. Percy is so gentle and sweet, how anyone could have hurt him in the cruelest fashion we have ever seen is beyond our comprehension. Miracles show up when you need them.  He is a very special dog who found a very special woman to always cherish, nurture, and protect him.The dog that many thought should have been put to sleep has written a new song, and the symphony of love will continue to play on. He has settled in very well with Leanne (his new mom) at the sanctuary (@goatsofanarchy). You can continue to follow his Journey with them. 

Thank you, everyone, for the prodigious love you all continue to give to this extraordinary dog. With your support we raised $6,740 and a mountain of much needed items for this sweet boy. We are over the moon for this champion, happy tails Percible.

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