June 25, 2019

Dumped like trash, the abuse that Faith was forced to endure was inhumane. 

When Jersey Pits Rescue heard about a beaten and sick pup in their local inner-city pound, they immediately set out to get her. Not only Is she completely covered in bite wounds, new and old, but her body shows that she has been harshly overbred. She's also had all her teeth broken, which we can only imagine is excruciating, and she was riddled with infected wounds by her eyes and ears. 

However, with the help of CUDDLY and a huge community of animal lovers, Faith was able to get the medical care that she desperately needed. Jersey Pits Rescue was able to raise over $600 for her care, as well as over 20 products! (Wowza!)

We are so incredibly honored to of been able to help restore Faith's faith in humanity and are happy to report that this sweet girl is LIVING LIFE the way she was always meant to: in a loving home, surrounded by those who care for her.

"We needed her as much as she needed us", says Faith's new family. (*Cue the happy tears)

Thank you to Jersey Pits Rescue for taking a chance of this baby as well as to the numerous supporters who made this beautiful transformation happen!

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