From the streets of Mexico to beach days in Malibu
July 17, 2019

When Mutt Scouts found Ben sitting at the shelter and learned about his story, they knew we couldn't leave him there. Ben had lived on the streets of Mexico most likely his entire life struggling to survive. One day, a terrible human being tried to kill this poor by by hitting him upside the head with a rock. Although Ben survived this malicious attack, he still ended up at the kill shelter on the euthanasia list. His head wound was extremely deep and he had eye damage as well. He had a very serious tick borne disease, Ehrlichia, and needed Entropion surgery to remove his injured eye. A CUDDLY campaign was made for him and generous donors like yourself did not hesitate to support this boy. 

A few months passed as he healed in his foster home when we got the good news. His foster couldn't let him go and we're happy to report Ben is now officially her boy! His happily ever after includes ice cream, beach days in Malibu, and big comfy dog beds. He even has his own Instagram @a_dog_named_ben ! Ben's story reminds us that there are more good people in the world than bad!

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