July 31, 2019

Sprout arrived after nearly dying and having part of her pancreas removed, missing part of her kidney.

But within a few weeks it became apparent that this little dog was making a miraculous recovery! Our Vet could not believe how well she was recovering. A wonderful woman, Betsy, constacted us early on asking to be placed on her adoptiuon list....and as Sprout recovered, Betsy and I spent time talking.

Betsy has had experience with other special needs dogs and understands that in the future Sprout may have issues. Sprout will be spending 9 months a year in Arizona, and summers in southern Californai. She has been seen by both of Betsy's Vets and both agree that Sprout is a miraculous and amazing little dog.

At five months, Sprout has been house trained, loves going for walks, plays in the grass, loves traveling and loves both Betsy and Betsy's other, sweet dog, Boomer, who is a Therapy dog...and Sprout will be trained to be a Therapy dog as well.

WE are delighted and know Sproput will have the best, loving life possible!

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