August 07, 2019

When this baby was rescued from his iron cage, he thought he hit the lottery. Little did he know, he'd end up in the same metal cage just months later. Only this time, in horrible pain and unable to walk. 

When Passport for Paws heard of Riley's condition, they couldn't turn their backs on him. They immediately set out to get him so that he could receive the medical care he needed. 

The moment they saw him, their heart broke. He was shaking, cold, and completely terrified. While his physical injuries were horrible and severe, they could only imagine the emotional trauma Riley was suffering from. 

After vet evaluation confirmed that he was suffering from two very broken front legs, two casts were secured on to allow for stabilization until his rescue could afford to have his surgical repair performed. Thankfully, with CUDDLY's help, Riley was able to raise a whopping $4,000 which allowed him to receive the medical care and surgeries he desperately needed! He even got over 30 products sent to him to help him on his journey! 

Where is he now, you ask? 

Well, we're happy to report that Riley has been adopted into a wonderful home, where he will spend the rest of his days being loved and cherished in the way that he was always meant to. He will need a few more check-ups and physical therapy, but this boy is well on his way to a happy, healthy life!

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