Returned Puppy Will Never Suffer Again
August 21, 2019

This is Perkins. Yes, PERKINS. For those who may not remember this sweet boy, Perkins was adopted from a shelter only to be returned weeks later in horrendous shape.

The abuse he was forced to endure during his time with his ?family' was so severe that charges of animal cruelty were immediately filed against them. He was on the verge of death. However, thanks to his rescue and his CUDDLY supporters, he has not only been restored back to complete health, but he has also found his forever home!

The CUDDLY team had the honor of actually meeting Perkins at the Best Friends National Conference last month and it was so incredible. Perkins is the reason we do this job. Never forget just how loved you are, sweet boy! Dallas Dog RRR, thank you so much for saving this boy. You are such an incredible organization and we are proud to partner with you!

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