Gypsy Rose
August 22, 2019

Born with a cleft lip and palate that left her physically deformed, sweet Gypsy Rose was fighting for her tiny life. 

When little Gypsy began rapidly losing weight and regurgitating large portions of her food, her rescue began to heavily worry. After taking her to the hospital, it became necessary to implement a feeding tube so ensure her little body was receiving the calories she needed to survive. 

She was so small but her rescue would not even entertain the idea of giving up. Between the slew of medication that was administered through her tube and specially concocted formula, they were slowly able to help Gypsy get back on her feet. And through CUDDLY, they were able to raise over $1800 for medical care. In addition to this, she also received over 30+ much-needed items, including food, beds, and supplements. 

Today, Gypsy Rose is doing so well and is growing up to be a beautiful, strong girl. Her rescue has noted that she is such a "sassy little thing...full of personality and character". 

We're so incredibly happy that this amazing animal was given a second chance at life thanks to her wonderful rescue. 

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