Jaws' Miracle Recovery
September 12, 2019

This terrier boy was brought into a clinic here in OKC with extremely horrific injuries! Meet Jaws. While we don't know how exactly these extensive wounds were caused (possible fireworks), we do know that they were extremely bad and his eye needed to be removed immediately. He had gaping wounds all along his jaw line that needed addressing. This boy was in beyond rough shape and his rescue, Mutt Misfits was desperate for help.

CUDDLY reached out to see if we could help with donations and wishlist gifts for this poor boy and his campaign was started. Over the course of the next few weeks, over 3k in monetary donations were brought in for Jaws as well as numerous wishlist items to help him have a speedy recovery. As days went on, Jaws continued to progress and look better every day. He eventually stole the hearts of a loving family that paid no mind to him having only one eye. They love him just the way he is and Jaws has officially found his forever after! Thank you to everyone who supported this boy, we couldn't do it without you!

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