October 09, 2019

Found as a lonely stray, Reggie began to show life-threatening symptoms just days after being taken off the streets. 

When diagnostics came back confirming that Reggie was suffering from Parvovirus, an incredibly serious disease, Davidson County Animal Alliance stepped in to help. At just three months old, Reggie had so much life left to live. He didn't deserve to of gone his whole life without love or kindness. After a week of IV fluids, antibiotics, anti-nausea medications, and syringe feeding, Reggie was still holding on. Sadly, he also developed pneumonia during this time. 

However with CUDDLY's help and great dedication from his rescue, Reggie was able to receive much-needed treatment that has led him to winning his battle against parvo and pneumonia. He also received numerous wishlist items that comforted him during his recovery! 

We are so thankful to everyone who supported this boy on his journey! He is now starting a brand new life because of those who believed in him!

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