Clifford's Has A New Outlook On Life Thanks To You!
October 24, 2019

Clifford was seen being thrown from a moving car. As if this wasn't enough, he had already been suffering from severe mange, malnutrition, and now he is in incredible pain.

He was taken to the shelter and had to be saved by 5pm that day, or he was going to be humanly euthanized. Cane Rosso Rescue couldn't let him go without a seeing a vet and having a fighting chance. He deserved someone to fight for him for once in his life! He was in a great deal of pain, and was having trouble standing, but they didn't see any broken bones. He also had a severe skin infection and needed to see a dermatologist. His skin looked like he had boils & he had road rash down his entire bottom half. The worst part of all of this is that he had a leg that was broken previously, and healed wrong. So, he needed it amputated once he was healthy enough. Clifford has such a long road ahead of him so Cane Rosso Rescue teamed up with CUDDLY to help with donations for this special boy and it seemed as if almost overnight, Clifford captured the hearts of so many people and raised almost $4,000 and countless wishlist gifts to keep him comfortable. 

Although Clifford had months of recovery ahead of him, that didn't stop the adoption interest. This special boy had a loving family so eager to bring him home, that he was adopted sooner than everyone thought! Although he is still on his medical journey, his rescue and family will work together to make sure he gets the best care every step of the way. Thank you so much to all the amazing CUDDLY supporters that gave to Clifford. He has a new outlook on life and will be spoiled rotten, thanks to your generosity. 

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