October 30, 2019

Pulled from an overcrowded shelter in horrendous condition, this little puppy was hours away from euthanasia due to his state.

Thick patches of hair were missing from his body and infection covered most - if not all - of his flesh. His rescue suspected that he was suffering from a severe mite infestation but he was so extremely thin and dehydrated too.

However, with the help of CUDDLY, Snickers raised over 1,000 dollars to help fund his medical expenses, diagnostics, and care! He also received over 15 products, like food and bedding, that helped him during his days of treatment. 

Today, sweet Snickers is up for adoption and close to finding his forever family! His hair has returned and his perky state is unmatched. We could not be more happy for this little boy, whose life started out so rough. 

Now, he's on his way to a better life! Thank you so much to everyone who supported him on his journey! We are eternally grateful for you!

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