Tramp - From Trash to Treasure
November 13, 2019

All fairy tales begin with a struggle, but we don't think Tramp could have wished for a happier ending.

Tramp was owner surrendered last month to a horrible shelter in south Texas. In the one week he was there, he ended up with a horrible skin infection and simply shut down in the face of the horrid conditions. After the last few weeks with CUDDLY's support, and amazing foster love, Tramp transitioned this weekend to a home where he now gets to give back.

Tramp is now the emotional support dog for a family who needs him desperately right now. He doesn't leave “his boy's” side. And is able to not only be the dog he was always meant to be, but also show the unconditional love all dogs possess.

Huge thank you to his forever family for allowing us to share this story and picture. Hugs and prayers for you all. Thank you for giving him his fairy tale ending!

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