November 27, 2019

Elly was owned by an evil family, for fun they beat this sweet girl within an inch of her life leaving her paralyzed.

Someone felt bad and got her away from them, and since they did not know where to take her they left her at "Protect Me Albania's" shelter door. This poor girl did not deserve to be treated so inhumane. "Protect Me Albania" worked diligently to heal her, but unfortunately her back was broken, and there was no way to try to help her walk again. Even though she will never walk again with the out pouring of love and support from donors she raised $2405 that not only got her the best medical care possible to help her deal with her disability, but she also got tons of wishlist items including a wheel chair. After she was healed as best as possible from her ordeal Elly has found love in the arms and on the bed of her new mommy. Happy Tails Elly!

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