A Victory For Victor
December 06, 2019

After having his ears recklessly cut with scissors, Victor was suffering incredible pain. At 6 months old, he was found wandering around a park severely malnourished and frightened. His ears were bloodied, scabbed, and infected, meaning that whoever decided to slice his ears with a pair of sheers did so without medical supervision. 

When Hounds In Pounds first saw Victor, they cringed to think of what he had endured and the pain he had experienced. Working to relieve his pain and treat his infections, his rescue desperately tried to put weight back on him and ensure his body didn't fail during his recovery.

His treatment didn't come cheap and they were in great need of funds. Thankfully, because of CUDDLY and the wonderful supporters, we were able to raise over $2000 for his medical care and send over 30 much-needed wishlist items to him! 

Today, Victor is an entirely new dog. He's sweet, he's spirited, and he's HEALTHY. Thanks to Hounds In Pounds' responsible care, he is also neutered, current on vaccines, and micro-chipped.  His life is forever changed and we cannot offer enough thanks to everyone who supported him on this journey! 

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