Bruno's Happy Ending
December 06, 2019

Discovered wandering down the road with a metal tether constricting his foot, Bruno was in need of immediate help. When a passerby noticed this gentle giant limping along the sidewalk, he immediately scooped him up and brought him to the shelter, where Hounds In Pounds took over. The moment they saw him, they were HORRIFIED. 

His coiled paw was ice cold and hadn't been receiving circulation for some time, which puts him at risk of becoming septic at any moment. According to his medical staff, the metal tether around his leg indicates that Bruno was ILLEGALLY tied up. When he snapped himself free, the tether remained, practically destroying his flesh and ability to move in the process. 

Tethering an animal in this way is absolutely illegal due to the consequences and trauma that it causes. But did Bruno's 'family' care? No. They didn't care about how much pain he was in. 

Due to the severity of the condition of his leg, amputation was needed to avoid sepsis and to keep Bruno's health steady.  With CUDDLY's help, Hounds in Pounds was able to raise over $2300 for Bruno's medical care, therapy, and treatment. He was also sent over 30 incredible wishlist items to aid him during his recovery. 

Today, Bruno's resilience shines through. Not even unspeakable cruelty could hold him back. He is one of the sweetest and most gentle giants HIP has ever rescued. He refused to die and they refused to let him. And now, Bruno is living the LIFE in his forever home. Happy Life Bruno. A rottie home full of grandkids. Make all of us proud - we know you will!

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