Baby Gravy's Miracle
December 18, 2019

When Gravy was born, his chances of living a happy, healthy life were slim. He was born a stray, and it didn't take long for the elements to take their toll on his tiny little body. 

Gravy, along with 19 other puppies, were found as strays in an extremely rural area in Kentucky. How 20 puppies are found that way is beyond imaginable. Gravy was in critical condition when he was found by Mispits and Friends Rescue. The same evening he came off of transport, he was rushed to a local animal hospital - he was given wormer and sent on his way. Over the course of 24 hours Gravy was not showing much improvement. He was not eating, drinking and was barely moving. His foster Mom rushed him to an emergency vet. There, he was parvo tested and his temperature was at 94 degrees. Unfortunately, there were no overnight doctors that would be able to give Gravy around the clock care, and if he did not receive it he would die that same evening. His foster mom, (being one of the founders), quickly rushed Gravy to Blue Pearl Animal Hospital. Gravy was infested with parasites, severely underweight and had to receive multiple plasma transfusions. During that time his red blood cell count was very low and continued to drop even after an iron injection. Luckily, he started drinking water and began walking some, but his recovery did not happen over night?

Mispits and Friends Rescue teamed up with CUDDLY to make sure that this sweet boy could recover and eventually become someones forever friend. This special little man was highlighted as the Featured Wishlist, and donors were incredibly touched by his story. Together, we raised over 2K for his medical expenses, and also important food, supplements, and other puppy essentials to help him recuperate.

Gravy's rescuers refused to give up on him, even after tear-filled nights, when it seemed that all hope was lost. All of the odds were stacked against this little guy, but now, Gravy gets to grow up and know the wonders of being a dog, with a new family to call his own. Good luck in your wonderful new life little fella!! 

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