Abused Puppy Found Strength To Survive
January 02, 2020

This poor baby was an innocent victim of unimaginable violent abuse. She was tormented by malicious humans, leaving her in misery and anguish. 

Mittens was only eight weeks old when she suffered a lifetime of pain and torture. She was brought into rescue after the initial thought that she was hit by a car. But upon further investigation, the vets came to a conclusion that this poor girl's injuries were a result from human infliction.

Little Mittens was hospitalized and had two separate surgeries ahead of her. Zoi's Animal Rescue knew they would need help with such a severe medical so they teamed up with CUDDLY to raise awareness for Mittens. With so many generous donors contributing to her fundraiser and wishlist, Mittens was able to recovery swiftly and was just adopted into a loving family! She is in her forever home with parents, kid siblings, and a fur brother that absolutely adore her. With CUDDLY's help, Mittens (now Allie) was able to overcome her past and has a bright future ahead of her!

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