Ruby and Twinkle
January 13, 2020

Ruby and Twinkle and Tinky were three tiny kittens dumped at our county garage.  They had bad upper respiratory infections, were starving and just in terrible shape.   Six weeks in isolation at our vet clinic, in intensive care, paid off.   Except for little Tinky.  He was so weak that he passed away.   Twinkle was near death, but rallied.   Beautiful Calico, Ruby, lost an eye due to infection.

Now, both Ruby and Twinkle are healthy and happy and they just got adopted into loving homes.  Ruby has a boy who loves her dearly.  Twinkle has two young sisters who simply adore her.    No more isolation in cages for Ruby and Twinkle.   They both have cat trees, plenty of toys, and thanks to donations from Cuddly and Cuddly supporters, plenty of food. 

Also, thanks to Cuddly supporters, Ruby and Twinkle's vet bill is completely paid off!  We volunteers of Stray Hearts Animal Rescue, are so thankful and grateful for the support given to these precious kittens.  God bless all of you.

Polly and Mary

Stray Hearts Animal Rescue

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