January 22, 2020

In these first photos you can see the absolute terror on little Sebastian's face, he just barley survived being thrown in a lake by the woman who was supposed to love him.

He was only a four month old little boy when he was witnessed by two passing runners being violently flung in to a lake and left for dead by his owner. This sweet boy had yet to truly live, but he had already had a very near brush with death were it not for the passersby. Not only did he have to heal mentally from that traumatic experience, but he was also completely covered in fleas, and tics. As if the obvious neglect before his near death wasn't enough this sweet boy also had a painful ear infections. Thanks to all the wonderful donors Sebastian raised $530 to help with his medical needs and a cornucopia of much needed healing items.  

Sebastian has now been adopted by his new fur-ever family that comes complete with two fur-siblings. Happy Tails Sebastian!

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