January 23, 2020

Sweet baby Kelso was found wallowing away in a shelter kennel with TWO broken legs, unable to move or play or do anything without extreme pain. And now? Now he's facing possible amputation. 

How does a little puppy end up with two fractured legs? Did humans do this to him? Was he hit by a speeding vehicle? We don't know many things about Kelso's past but we know for a fact that it was filled with some sort of horror that left him shattered physically and emotionally. Thankfully, Wags and Whiskers spotted this little guy and immediately set out to get him. He was taken to a doctor shortly after being rescued, where Xrays showed both his front legs to be fractured

Due to the severity of his breaks, his legs were immediately operated on, set into place, and casted. His bill was extreme and rapidly rising but thanks to all the wonderful donors at CUDDLY, Kelso was able to raise over $2800, which helped cover his medical expenses and bring him back up to full speed! He has even gifted over 35 much-needed wishlist items like joint care, food, and supplements. 

Today, Kelso is doing so wonderful and has made a full recovery. It took time and effort and so much patience, but the dedicated team at Wags and Whiskers Animal Rescue were able to change his life for the better. Kelso was adopted into a loving family just recently, where he will be loved and cherished for the rest of his life. 

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