Sweet Old Girl Gets Brand New Take On Life
February 05, 2020

When Betty White's elderly owner was admitted to the hospital, family members let Betty into the yard before they left her owner's home and forgot she was outside when they left. 

Unfortunately, Betty White got out of the yard but a Good Samaritan found her in a hotel parking lot over 13 miles away! The rescuer could not hold on to her and identified that she was in need of extensive medical care. They reached out for help and Save An Angel stepped up. Sadly, Betty White had an array of medical issues that needed immediate treatment and the rescue knew it would not be cheap. Save An Angel, along with CUDDLY, believed that this little angel deserved a chance so a campaign was put together to help. Extensive medical care and a couple months of recovery was all this little girl needed to become the sweet senior we know and love. It wasn't long until she caught the eye of a loving family that wanted to keep her forever.

After a long road trip from Texas to Louisana, Betty White was officially in the arms her new momma. She had also acquired an amazing array of furry senior siblings. Within 5 minutes Betty was already in a new set of matching pajamas, so we think she is going to do just fine. Thank you all of the support for this special senior.

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