Mira Got Her Miracle!
February 20, 2020

After weeks of living on the streets, Mira wandered into a stranger's yard, shivering and having trouble breathing

The moment the homeowners saw her, they knew she needed help. They reached out to Jersey Pits Rescue who rushed to Mira's aid. The poor girl was covered in scars and tumors. She was freezing and close to exhaustion when they got to her. And they saw just how her body told such a sad story of neglect and abuse. Even her teeth, they found, were intentionally filed down - no doubt, by some excuse for a human. 

It took weeks of love, medicine, patience, and compassion, but Mira eventually grew strong again. With her rescue and CUDDLY supporters at her side, Mira raised over $1500 for her medical care. She was even sent about 20 items, including food and vitamins, to help her in her recovery. 

As of today, we are happy to announce that Mira is living it up in her FOREVER home! You see, Mira's new family kept seeing her picture and feeling drawn to her but weren't sure why. They decided to do a little digging and discovered that Jersey Pits Rescue saved Mira on the one year anniversary of her husband passing. They knew it was meant to be then and adopted her!

Mira's new family has all different schedules, so someone is ALWAYS home with this sweet girl. They have no other pets, so she also gets to be the queen of the castle. Mira cannot believe her Christmas wish has finally come true.

" I can't believe I get a whole house and family of my own. Toys! Clothes! I get to sleep in bed with my new mom! We snuggle under the covers. There are even special stairs to help me get into this huge bed. I have a sister and we drive in the car to pick her up from school every day. We go visiting to my grandparents, aunts, uncles and I see my nephews and niece and everyone loves me! Mom says I am an angel and my rescuers were right naming me “Mira” because everything about me has been a miracle.” - From Mira

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