Tyler The Brave Beat The Odds Against Him
February 20, 2020

What type of disgusting monster intentionally sets a puppy on fire, and then leaves him on the street to suffer and die alone? Tyler's story is disturbing, but awareness is the key to uniting for change and the prevention of suffering.

Months ago, Tyler, along with another dog, was set on fire. Jersey Pits Rescue suspects with a blowtorch in order to be separated during a fight. He was then found by a Good Samaritan on the streets, where he was bleeding, burned, covered in puncture wounds, and left for dead. The Good Samaritan tried to treat his wounds on her own for a week, but he was in pain and deteriorating so she brought him to the hospital where he was surrendered to Jersey Pits Rescue. Doctors had to cut away all of his dead skin in order to treat his wounds.

This occurred in a dangerous area known for drugs and dogfighting, an area that rescuers have saved other dogfighting victims from. 

Although it was long process and although it required SO much of Tyler's strength, this little boy pushed through antibiotic trials, bandage changes, cleanings, and pain for WEEKS and came out on top. With the help of Jersey Pits Rescue and his CUDDLY supporters, Tyler was able to raise over $1200 for his medical care and was also provided with over 30 items to help him during recovery. Tyler did not let those monsters get him down or break his spirit. To this day, he still meets everyone with a tail wag and puppy kisses to the face. His resilience embodies the forgiving nature of this wonderful yet misunderstood breed. 

As of today,  Tyler is THRIVING! His wounds have healed, although he does have a bit of scarring left from the burns, and he is very healthy. He has also been adopted into a wonderful family that is so dedicated to getting him the best care possible. For his long term success, they have enrolled him in puppy training and socializing and they report that it has been an incredible learning experience for all. Thank you so much to everyone who supported this boy! He is doing wonderful!

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