Sweet Pea
March 02, 2020

Lonely, mange ridden, and desperate...Until now!!!

To put it lightly, Sweet Pea had a rough beginning. She came to us covered in sarcoptic mange, with next to no teeth and heartworm positive. You can see from the before photos the neglect and apathy of the previous owners knew no bounds. The future looked bleak and uncertain, but that didn't dampen her gentle spirit.  After clearly being used and abused for puppies she would never have the joy of raising, who would have guessed that a happy ever after was in store for this motherly soul! 

With endless patience from our fosters and the financial support of a loving community Sweet Pea has finally found a forever home; a far cry from the abuse she endured for an untold amount of years. Just look at that new hair growth and full belly! Sweet Pea is a shining example of the direct impact donations and compassion can make on an animal that just needs to be loved to the fullest. 

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