March 12, 2020

Poor Waylon was found abandoned on the side of the road, most likely left to die because of his paralysis, and horrible condition.

Judging by his bedsores, urine stains, and drag sores, it's very obvious he was severely neglected and then dumped so that no one would know what monster allowed those injuries to happen to him. Waylon went straight to the vet, to receive all the care they could possibly give him. His first round of treatment was medications for pain and to fight off infection, x-rays, and wound care. A myelograph soon revealed that his spine had been severed… it had been broken for some time. He also had a fractured back leg. Sadly, both had already healed. Waylon would never be able to regain the use of his back legs. For six months Waylon battled infection, constant bandage changes, hydrotherapy, multiple procedures and various treatments. He absolutely hated the wheels he was given. Though "Sky Sanctuary" volunteers tried to slowly integrate them into his routine, he refused to use them. Three months ago he developed necrotizing fascitis in one of his back legs and the rescue made the decision to amputate. A few weeks ago, They came the realization that the other back leg was just holding him back. It was already fractured, paralyzed, did not provide stability… it needed to go as well. Now Waylon is doing better than we could have ever expected. His mobility has improved by leaps and bounds. He can finally keep up with his friends while they run and play. He is SO incredibly happy. Thats all thanks to the many wonderful supporter who not only donated $6830 to his medical care but also purchased mountains of wishlist items that kept this sweet boy's spirits raised. 

Waylon is now available for adoption, and waiting to find his own very special fur-ever home! Good luck Waylon!

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