March 18, 2020

Great Lakes Boxer Rescue saved Moose when he was at the brink of death. Upon intake, he only weighed 25 pounds, he couldn't stand or hold his head up on his own, he was constantly vomiting up everything he tried to eat, and his chances at survival were changing by the hour. He had been starved for so long that his entire body was shutting down. 

Moose's journey had to be taken day by day. But one good day turned into two, and eventually they were all good days. With the help of Moose's Cuddly supporters who contributed crucial monetary donations and healing wishlist gifts, and the diligent work of his rescuers at Great Lakes Boxer Rescue, Moose was ready for adoption. 

Moose's new family is a large one. He has three other canine siblings, and awesome parents that are ready to take care of all of his special medical needs. He really hit the jackpot. 

Moose will turn 11 in May, and will live the rest of his life surrounded by love. Congrats Moose!!!!

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