The Journey of Winter, The Deaf Rescue Puppy
March 26, 2020

To his family, this deaf puppy was considered to be useless and invaluable because he couldn't hunt. They actually wanted to shoot him because of his inability to hear. Can you imagine your family calling you worthless or wanting to kill you? Over something you couldn't control?  

When Misfit Hounds first heard of what Winter's family wanted to do to him, they immediately rushed to save him before it was too late. He was so skinny when they picked him up, so very skinny. It became very clear that he hadn't been properly cared for in a long time. But that was all about to change. Winter was brought into Misfit Hounds and given a warm bed, a plate of food, and SO much love. And with the help of his CUDDLY supporters, he was able to raise over $1500 for his medical care and received more than 30 wishlist items! 

Because of this, he was able to get the support and care he needed to lead a better life. Today, Winter is being loved and cared for in his FOREVER home. He has a puppy brother, who he loved dearly and a wonderful family to lean on. 

After all that Winter suffered, we are so happy that he was able to find his happy ending! Thank you to everyone who supported this deserving animal! You helped CHANGE his life!

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