April 16, 2020

When Southern Nevada Animal Rescue League took Miska in, her body was limp, and she was just moments away from losing her fight with Parvo. She was in emergency vet care for weeks. There were numerous times that her rescuers thought she wouldn't make it, but Miska proved time and time again that she had an incredibly strong will to live. No matter how tired she was, she always managed to wag her tail at even the slightest bit of human affection. 

But as the days went on, Miska got stronger and stronger. With the help of her CUDDLY donors who sent her tons of healing gifts and crucial monetary donations towards her care, she beat the odds and made a complete recovery. 

After weeks of uncertainty and sickness, Miska was finally ready to meet her new family. She now has a dog, and human sibling to live her best life with. All of her hard work fighting off her illness paid off, and she is now living the good life with in her forever home. 

Congrats Miska!!!

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