Noah's Journey To Happiness
April 23, 2020

Noah had been beaten and abused and failed by so many people. Apparently, he was being abused by locals because they assumed his skin condition was contagious - and they felt he must pay for it.  

When rescuers from The Good Shelter, a partner organization to Pathway to Hope, were alerted to Noah's story, they knew they had to do something. They set out to rescue him in the rural area he was in (near Russia) and luckily found him before anyone could take his life away. Again, rescuers are not okay with this kind of treatment. In any part of the world, abusing an animal is unacceptable. However, the law was not on their side and so, they had to work around it. 

Noah was then evaluated by medical teams and the trauma of his past was revealed. His front paws were disfigured from fractures that went untreated and some of his other bones have been broken by humans and left to heal incorrectly. He was anemic and had a skin disease that worsened each day he sat under the sun without care.

With the help of CUDDLY though, rescuers were able to treat Noah and offer him comfort in his time of need. With the kind supporters of CUDDLY, we were able to raise over $1300 for his care and were able to send him over 20 much-needed supplies. Because of this, Noah was able to heal and eventually travel to the United States where he was ADOPTED into his forever family. 

We're so grateful to of been able to be apart of Noah's journey and are so happy that he got his happy ever after

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