Arrow's Life Finally Pointing In The Right Direction
April 30, 2020

When this little puppy was brought into the shelter with a horrific injury to his face, shelter staff immediately reached out to rescue for assistance. The level of cruelty that was imposed on this baby is unforgivable and our hearts break thinking about what he went through before coming to us.

It was determined that this eight week old boy was brutally kicked in the face, leaving him with substantial injuries that could affect him for the rest of his life. Why someone would would do something so cruel to a baby we have no idea. When Pet Matchmaker Rescue got word of this baby's condition, they immediately rushed him to the vet.

PMMR knew Arrow's recovery would be extensive and expensive, but they knew he was worth every second and penny. Teaming up with CUDDLY to provide this little guy with the crucial donations he needed was extremely beneficial to his healing. Over $2,500 was raised and essential products were donated to help Arrow swiftly recover from this traumatizing experience.

We are happy to announce that we just got word that little Arrow was ADOPTED! We are thrilled that this boy has found the absolute perfect home where he will be spoiled to the ends of the earth! Thank you to everyone who made a difference in this sweet puppy's life.

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