Mr. TeddyBear
May 14, 2020

They say it takes a village, but to actually SEE the village jump into action and band behind our sweet Mr. Teddy Bear is something entirely different. 

Teddy was rescued from the streets of Houston's 5th Ward, just a couple of months ago. He was potted by an amazing samaritan who – upon seeing him – dedicated hours and days to his rescue. She contacted Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward and immediately rushed Mr. TeddyBear to the ER, where he was taken into his first surgery to remove the dead and infected tissue. His injuries were so severe, he was likely within hours of death: The wounds and infection had rotted away over half of his face and neck; He had a "fistful" size hole inside his cheek, and he had over 30 infected bite wounds all over his body. 

Now, just a few short months later, and because of animal lovers who created an ARMY of supporters behind our resilient warrior, Mr. TeddyBear has made an unbelievable transformation. Here in Texas, we have so many homeless and abandoned dogs who are unbelievably deserving, but unfortunately, go far too long without comfort, warmth, and love. 

Because of YOUR support – felt from miles, cities, and states away – Mr. TeddyBear is alive today... and ADOPTED! He was adopted on May 9, 2020, by his beautiful foster family in Minnesota. And according to his forever Mom, Mr. TeddyBear is the PERFECT addition to the family! Despite enduring unimaginable trauma, this sweet boy just wants to love and greet every single human with a wiggly-butt and lots of kisses.

Mr. TeddyBear's rescue story has been one miracle after another, and for every amazing person that prayed, shared, and donated – from the bottom of our hearts we thank you! Mr. TeddyBear stands proud and tall today. He's a bundle of love, and we need more dogs like Mr. TeddyBear in this world. 

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