May 21, 2020

Found behind a lonely warehouse, lying in a pool of her own blood after being shot in the face, Pearl was on the verge of death

Rushed to the hospital, weak and bloodied, she underwent emergency surgery to have the metal bullet removed from her soft palate. She's also had to have a feeding tube placed, due to the trauma the shot caused. She was hospitalized for her injuries and in the care of a wonderful medical team, who worked day and night to save her life and keep her pain at bay.

 Why did this happen? Did she know her attacker? How long did she lay there before she was found? Because of how Pearl was found, rescuers will probably never know. To this day though, they still actively work to find out who did this. 

Thankfully and more importantly though, she didn't lose her life because of the horrible actions of such humans. With the help of CUDDLY donors and her rescuers at Compassion For Canines, Pearl was able to steadily improve and progress over the weeks. Not only did CUDDLY donors help raise over $3000 for her care, but she was sent a boat-load of goodies and supplies to help her along the way! And now, it is with our greatest pleasure to announce that after months of treatment and foster care and care, Pearl has been ADOPTED into a loving family. Never does a day go by that we don't think about what happened to Pearl - but knowing that her life is now filled with love and happiness brings us so much joy. 

Thank you to all who helped this girl get to where she is now!

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