June 03, 2020

After she was born with a non-functioning front le, no bone structure, and zero muscle mass, Bella's owners decided to heartlessly dump her in a dirty alley. Weeks old and without shelter, Bella was left to frightfully fend for herself on the streets of Honduras. That is, until Roatan Rescue stepped in. 

They provided her with the basic care she needed to thrive and turned her into an entirely new puppy in just a week's time. To encourage growth and strength, her rescue had her engaging in 4 sessions of physical therapy every day to help stretch out her ligaments and promote growth. Bella had an extremely hard journey in front of her but she surpassed every obstacle in front of her.  Once stable enough, she was then transported to the United States for a start at a new life!

CUDDLY donors - thank you for making this possible. With the collected donations, both monetary and product, Bella was able to heal physically and emotionally. What's more is that because of her strength and courage, her new family has named her Champion (cue the music: weeee are the champions) and she's now living her best life with her amazing forever family in the states because of your support!

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